Our Services

For The Owner/Operator:

  • Onsite representation during pre-purchase or sale events (technical appraisals/pre-purchase evaluation)
  • Operational Compliance Requirements: Assist owner/operator in obtaining acceptance, approvals, and Letters of Authorization as required (RVSM, MEL-NEF, etc.)
  • Assist in the selection process for a maintenance repair organization (MRO) or service center.
  • Assist in planning for maintenance or inspection event. Develop the work scope for the service from the computerized record keeping, manage the request for proposal (RFP) process, obtain written estimates, obtain written approvals, coordinate financial requirements (deposits, interim payments, etc.) between MRO and operator.
  • Provide on-site oversight and management (when requested) of aircraft and process while aircraft is in a service center/MRO environment.
  • Communicate with the owner/operator (per an agreed upon schedule) and provide updates regarding the progress of the event.
  • Manage inspection/maintenance events to minimize downtime and maximize cost effectiveness, while maintaining the pedigree of the asset.
  • Ensure records are complete, current, and in compliance with applicable regulations and approved inspection requirements.

For Banking/Lending Institutions; Aircraft Brokers:

  • Asset audits (lease, pre-purchase), records research, tech appraisal event representation, etc.