Welcome to Pioneer Aviation Management! 

What’s In a Name?

Pioneer: Webster defines a pioneer as: One who helps create or develop new ideas, methods, etc; who opens up new areas of thought, research, or development: i.e., a pioneer in aviation.

A pioneer spirit inspired the Wright brothers to explore the elements of human flight. Once achieved, they pushed on in that spirit to achieve sustained flight, but lacked the power plant to keep the Wright Glider aloft. That same pioneer spirit in Charles Taylor compelled him to design, construct, assemble and operate the engine that transformed the Wright Glider into the Wright Flyer. Charley maintained that spirit, even when told by the industrialists of the era that what the Wright brothers expected was not achievable with current tooling. Because of that spirit, patience and perseverance, history was made, and our world changed forever.

That same pioneer spirit resides within our company-even in our name. Our business brings a new approach to aircraft maintenance care and planning, especially for operators who lack a dedicated maintenance staff. As a business aviation technical services advisory company, we can take on the role of the traditional maintenance manager, providing a plan of care for your aircraft from the perspective of the maintenance function. This plan can be tailored to the individual operator’s needs, based on utilization and operating environment. Our staff is ready to discuss your needs.